World Social Forum 2020: Mapping Assembly

Thanks very much for this @yala I am still parsing what happened yesterday, the conversation was not so much about mapping but about a commons assembly at WSF in 2020. I also understood that in supplement to the there were several “commons camp” that might be organised in different parts of Europe, and maybe Latin America.
I do not yet see the scope of the groups, or how it is situated within the multifaceted panorama of the commons. I think this will unfold over time. Anyways I did register to the different mailing lists and I will follow with this. I will forward the information here when I understand anything useful.

I am not sure if it is of any use that I post here the link to the pads with notes of the meeting, if anyone interested, please ask.


Yes, I also had the feeling that mixing the three languages, three pads and two subjects, the Commons Camps and the FSM in BCN, didn’t help the case to get a concise narrative. But that was actually anticipated, wasn’t it?

Also it appears to having been an organisational meeting of sorts, where mapping was used as a sexy, catchy term to raise interest of spotters, but without much dedicated methodology behind it.

In the end we found out that their understanding of mapping is very much that of an empirical, sociological and geographical survey, so the very act of mapping, and not focussed on the underlying representations, i.e. data models and graphical depictions, as such. In simple terms, what they want is a Commons directory to show them which projects exist, and what kind of practices are present in place.

This is more an understanding of a social network analysis, and does not take into account the constraints set by geographical information systems. We will need a lot of advisory work to make ground for our argument to take care of some intrinsic notions of the work they intend to pursue. This is diplomacy.

Well in fact I am still trying to understand how this is linked to intermapping, is there a more or less formalised group about mapping and intermapping, or was the relation to intermapping just an effect of hasard?
Is there going to be more of those?
They seem to be very good in agregating international networks , wich is super important.
And yes I agree with you Diplomatie, lots of time and patience to get words around about the necessity of understanding tech issues. This is why I always insist on privacy and such, I know it sounds a bit like trolling and boring, but if we do not say this stuff, who will say it…

Kevin wrote me today about a mapping call on Wednesday. He promised me to forward details. Once that happens, I will share them here.

I have shared the details privately via Email, since they contained personal data. It’s interesting to see how contemporary activists/militants use that old media, and cannot make sure all their communication also happens on the web, linkable, like their pads …

The call will be held at 3pm in a Zoom conference, with an Etherpad attached. Maybe we should keep a wiki log somewhere to collect the different perspectives about this that we are able to grasp.

Great @yala thanks for this, I will join, if anyone else interested please ask here. I will also make a summary topic as you say, with wiki.

Unfortunately I will not be able to join tomorrow’s call, but will read the pad and hope for best outcomes (:

I have received nothing about it, so I won’t be able to participate either.

Hi @how, last week we introduced @natacha to the organisation group of the Commons Camp at the event in June next year. As much as I understood our conversation on Tuesday last week, it is also her who is appointed to spend extra attention on communication and organisation roles.

After that, I had been approached privately if I wanted to be included in a mailing about details for the next meeting of the mapping commission. From this, and in the quickness of events, it was not very obvious for me how public that event is, and how public it shall be. Especially since private means of communication were used. In the end it was easier for me to have development associated with you, and communication associated with Natacha.

Please bear with me for my lack of publicly disclosing the privately shared information. After reading through the minutes, it appears that there were more secrets in preparing the call, than what was bespoken. Information around the mapping commission will be continue to be collected at:

The latest calls notes are in

Thanks loads for sharing this @yala it is very precious. Indeed publicity and organisation were unclear even during the meeting, I insisted on the mailing list and having public information somewhere as it helps to clarify the processes, glad it happens.

I think this is fair, then I can relay information also here and other canals, from my understanding they will be more meetings… many more :’)

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Thanks for pointing that out. This is what I implicitly thought.

Is this also a suitable distinction for you @how?
Else, would you expect a more flat, in the sense of indifferent, way of communicating to all?
My interest here is to keep the cognitive load as low as possible.

Apparently there is a new poll for checking availabilities for a call on either 2019-12-03T14:00:00Z or 2019-12-10T14:00:00Z at

The overall conversation partly continues in

The next call has been resolved as follows:

From the poll it looks like the day that works best is the 10th of December AT 15.00 CET.

Here you have the link to the pad with the agenda, I will also add the link to jitsi or meet tool if you prefer :slight_smile: (please fill in with the topics you’d like to discuss, I have just added a couple of them as a proposal and follow up form the last meeting):

See you soon!

There is also a new email alias which seems to be an email distribution list, an alias that forwards to multiple, undisclosed parties. But I am not perfectly sure about it.

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The call will take place in:

The assembly now also has YAML : (yet-another-mailing-list)

IN COMMON is not mentioned as a collaborator, but this discussion thread here is recommended as a discussion forum, plus the Riot channel at

We might wish to rewrite this entry to accommodate and welcome new users accordingly.

How can we participate?

Thank you very much for these information! The map of tomorrow would love to be part of that meeting, as we are a widly used geographical mapping plattform in Germany, Belarus, Mexico and Peru. We include a sustainability rating for each entry, closely developed with the economy for the common good. So we are also interested in sharing sustainability aspects.

  • Who is the host of this meeting?
  • Is there an overview of the other participating platforms?
  • it would be good to have little bit of preparation so we can start directly with funding and collaboration. Former networking events failed often by missing funding…

Yours Helmut

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Welcome here @wellemut there is an ongoing organisation about the mapping assembly at wsf 2020 as of now the conditions of participation are not clear.
How ever we sort of decided that some preliminary conversations could happen here, and I will keep this space updated with any info I can gather.

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Hi @wellemut nice finding you here.

You can join the mailing list

and participate in the regular calls of the Commission.

The next call is currently scheduled for mid of next week (14th or 15th) in and the agenda is being prepared in

The host of the meeting is the World Social Forum Mapping Commission.

There is a rough list in the description text of the mailing list, plus the mapping commission site. Feel free to check out the links and dig deeper to find more information that seems useful to you.

Yes, funding is a concrete question that is open. Some people suggested to talk with Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. If you have good contacts there, or would like to suggest other sources of funding, feel free to make that public on the mailing list. Any help here is appreciated.

From for today:

According to the poll the meeting will take place tomorrow at 15.00h CET.

Here you have the pad if you want to include points to the agenda:

You’ll find the link to the meeting in the pad, it is a jitsi link (if anyone can create a zoom link and wants to replace the jitsi one, it would be very appreciated)

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The next meeting will be on February three or four. Participate in the poll to help decide a good time slot:

Meeting notes are prepared to live in