What is a Position?

INCOMMON uses a Position model to describe geographic coordinates of a Resource.

  • Position is a simple model that describe the geographic type of the considered feature (geo_type) and its coordinates (geo)
  • geo_type is one of the OGC simple features types defined in ISO19125 and described in RFC7946: Point, MultiPoint, LineString, MultiLineString, Polygon, MultiPolygon.
  • geo is the well-known text representation of the position coordinates.
  • Positions are distinct from Resources since more than one resource may share a single position, and vice-versa, a single resource may have more than one position.

The Position model can display longitude, latitude, and elevation for Points natively. For other types, you would need to read them directly from the geo coordinates.

The model is described in app/models/position.rb and specified in spec/models/position_spec.rb.