Welcome to Technical Support

Find help and give technical support with the API. You can reach it by email: support@incommon.cc.

Find Help

If you encounter difficulties with the API, please lookup keywords for existing relevant discussion, check the #api:doc, or create a new topic. For topics related to the community and governance, have a look at #welcome:speak-up and #welcome:needs instead.

When creating a new topic, please mention:

  • the context of the issue: describe the situation you’re facing. The more precise, the easier people will be able to help you solve your problem.
  • what you were expecting to happen.
  • what happened.
  • when pertinent, what steps to take to reproduce the problem.

Be patient! Someone will help you…

If you encounter an existing topic in this conference related to your issue you can upvote it.
If you find a solution to the issue you’re facing, don’t forget to mark it as :white_check_mark: solved by selecting the appropriate post in your topic. That will highlight the answer along with the problem description.

Thank you for caring!

Give Support

Thank you for helping! Here are a few tips to best help people asking for help.

  1. Try to understand the problem.
    Not everyone can express their issue clearly with all the details. Please show respect and ask questions if you need more details. Do not interfere if you don’t have anything to bring to the discussion. Especially, derogatory comments are not welcome.
  2. Refer to existing documentation.
    There are three sources: #api:doc, the official documentation, and the source code.
  3. Be patient and helpful!
    Again, you need to be welcoming and cultivate patience. When people do not understand your requests, try to reformulate or give more precision. Give :heart: to helpful contributions including to signal to the requester that you are investigating.
  4. Call other people to the rescue.
    Sometimes other people may know better about a topic than yourself. You can mention them by @name to attract their attention. If you can’t solve the issue, tell the requester so they don’t expect anything from you.
  5. When a solution is found, invite the requester to :white_check_mark: mark it solved.
  6. If you believe it’s a bug, tag it with #bug.
  7. If you can, improve documentation!