Social Cartography Software Inventory

We propose to gather information about the existing solutions in social cartography software to evaluate functionality and invite cooperation. It’s important to bring together developers from various perspectives in order to facilitate the Incommon process.

The initiatives identified and documented here will be used to elaborate a Request For Comments destined to other technical actors to ensure adoption and interoperability. This list will serve to invite experienced people to the Incommon process, that follows David D. Clarke’s vision:

We reject: kings, presidents and voting.
We believe in: rough consensus and running code.

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We’re having long standing conversations about software ontologies with people, within the LibreHosters group and also with Wikidata/-base developers (of

One might also wish to regard follow-up links here and there. Using wikibase to model a software ontology and associated data appears thrilling, as it is a Linked Data graph by default, and they intend to federate between different instances soon’ish. Then also custom API services for any data model might become irrelevant.

How can comparative software studies look like?