Participatory Technology


I have been wondering how to turn capitalism upside down using every conceivable and legal means😄

It seems to me that the core of what makes capitalism offensive is that it is not participatory and thus it destroys democracy, is de-humanizing, etc.

I think we can address this problem head-on by making our technology participatory. More specifically, participatory software comes first to my mind, because it is easy to deal with.

If we can make this a movement, we can have the entire world interested and eager to participate in designing software together, addressing social needs. We have international sporting events like the Olympics and marathon. We have international board game competition with countless local communities forming their little clubs.

But we almost don’t participate at all in defining technology, leaving most of it to our little chieftains with capital who have to pay others to develop technology with all kinds of strings attached.

I think we can create a huge movement of participatory technology :smile:

I would be interested in reading your comments about Singular Technologies and the Third TechnoScape that @natacha and I published in JoPP #11:


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Wow! This is way beyond my vocabulary :sweat_smile: but I think I understand maybe 50% of it and yes, I think we are in complete agreement