OpenStreetMap is Having a Moment

Not sure what to think about this, in all cases very interesting…

“Jennings noted, importantly, that as of 2018 non-corporate editors were still responsible for the majority of activity on OSM (about 70% of all edits) and were significantly more active on edits to buildings, places of interest, and amenities.”

All right, so the picture is quite clear: since Gaggle Maps became a paying operation[1] its competitors chose to invest in OSM instead. And from there, corporations like Fakebooz can rely on free labor to lessen their costs in fabricating their next generation of AugmentedAbstracted Reality products at a lesser cost. Right.

All the more important to factor in alternative views of the territory into conflicting maps. This is one of the discussions we had earlier (not sure if online though) regarding the importance of showing different perspectives on a same map. As we’ve seen with Saudi Airlines maps that simply ignore the very existence of Palestine and Israel when you fly over them, while showing neighboring countries, one can imagine what a Fakebooz-dominated OSM would look like.

  1. after being gratis for years and having quite a captive population, ↩︎