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Hi @wellemut,

I was looking to openfair db and it looks great I was wondering how we could collaborate with the current development of IN COMMON, as you might have heard from Jon we are currently developing IN COMMON funded by NGI0 funding and also planning an Intermapping conference to join forces with other mapping Initiatives.
I thought maybe openfairdb could be interested in collaborating with IN COMMON, and maybe we could think further development along those lines, and associate in funding.
Maybe we could chat over this by phone if you like.


Dear @natacha

Thank you for your proposal to join funding!
Yes definitly, ofDB is meant to be an open project for all places and events and their sustainability aspects.

I know IN COMMON just as this plattform for discussion. Do you plan to develop a whole mapping project? Do you have allready some code or any strategic uscase-descriptions?

We would love to share all that we have with the comunity!
yours Helmut

Hi @wellemut
In COMMON a shared and decentralised API for the cartography of the commons currently being developed here:

I have also granted you access to the dev section of this forum if you have interest

Yes although its more a proposal to move ahead together rather then direct funding, I guess we should talk this over together, not sure where you are based, we are in Brussels, is there any chance that you join for Fosdem, as we are organising an OFFdem event,

and we will hold a meeting over the data of the commons.

Hi @wellemut, thank you for your interest. INCOMMON started as a software project we took in reverse: building the community first and figuring out common needs. From there we realized that we wanted to create a minimalist API to accommodate distributed databases and offer some sort of caching facility for shared and curated data.

Our development stalled as we – especially I was not able to convey the interest of this approach and failed to find the right people to develop it. I see ofDB is coded in Rust, a very nice choice indeed. If you’re interested in discussing possibilities of collaboration or merging of projects (since we have funding for a number of research aspects that could match your interests as well), I’d be open to discuss it – although I have an interest in coding myself, my current abilities are focused on helping other coding, and that’s a bit incompatible unfortunately, so I lost interest in pursuing this side of the project myself.

Are you coming to Brussels for FOSDEM? Then check out OFFDEM, we’re going to have a work session there probably – @natacha will follow up on this :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help you get some EU funding for ofDB.

Dear @natacha and @how
It really feels like the heaven send you here!
Last year I wrote this overview about mapping plattforms: and the basic result was, that wee need interfaces. So my goal for this year is to focus on that and here you come… InCommon-API. This document helped me a lot to understand your service:

But is this service already running? Can I see what platforms and content you are connecting? Like end-user things…
I am just the strategist behind Map of tomorrow, so I do not understand a lot of your code. The ofDB-Code is done by Markus und Uwe from Slowtec in Stuttgart They will love to find other Rusties…

I am based in Freiburg close to Basel. Shall we have a zoom-call on Thursday 16.1.20 morning 11’oclock? Talking about strategies, further meetings and EU-fundings?

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The API is running but it is not interfaced for end users yet, and as explained @yala is currently working on it at the moment.

Yes I saw the review, and we are working along with the developers of the projects you are looking at, in an idea of working toguether towards a shared format for decentralized database.

Great feel free to invite them to this conversation if you like.

perfect, we can do that, how ever do you mind using jitsi rather then zoom, as we do not use proprietary software, plus I had bad experience with zoom. if you like.

Super, Tuesday 10 am is fine for me

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Hope we can combine it with FairSync @natacha