NGI Pointer and DREAM

NGI POINTER is the Next Generation Internet Program for Open INTErnet Renovation. petites singularités applied to its first open call with DREAM: Distributed Replicated Edge Agency Machine.
DREAM engages Open Engiadina, P2P collab, and INCOMMON in a shared development process towards P2P and activitypub interoperability for mapping projects.

DREAM aims to advance critical infrastructure parts of our common projects to jump start a long time dream – hence the name – to see converge the best of the Social Web (easy UI, Linked Data), with the best of Peer-to- Peer networking architectures (end-to-end encryption, autonomy, replicability, lack of central control, censorship resistance, privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default). Together we want to explore and bootstrap the next generation of locally-aware, distributed collaborative Internet protocols and applications to empower citizens to act and find agency together, free from alien interference and disinformation.

PUBLIC DREAM empowers communities anywhere to collaborate in the local creation and maintenance of open knowledge without the need for central coordination. DREAM enables the convergence of distributed P2P networks, linked data models, and social economy best practices.

People involved: @how, @natacha, @Nemael, @tg-x, @pukkamustard, @dvn