Murmurations protocol for directories and maps

a discussion about it already present here:

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INCOMMON - Murmuration Comparison

Base Schema

Murmurations IN COMMON Compatible? Notes
name :white_check_mark: validates presence, translated (stored as JSON)
url Resource.homepage_url :white_check_mark: actually a Link
tagline Resource.summary :white_check_mark: optional text-only summary, translated (stored as JSON)
mission Resource.description :white_check_mark: optional Markdown description, translated (stored as JSON)
nodeTypes ? :question: multiple types? Unsure how this works; unsure how to model that in IC
location Resource.main_address? :question: In IC, a Location is the relation between a Resource and a Position. This seems to be an Address.
lat Resource.locations.first.latitude :question: We modeled Position independently of the Resource
lon Resource.locations.first.longitude :question: cf. lat above
logo N/A :question: We did not model a logo yet. One can appear in the description. We will have one at some point.
networks N/A :x: If we would model networks, it would be through a list of URIs, not a text
allies N/A :x: Same as networks above
tags N/A :question: We did not model tags yet pending discussion with other networks
feed N/A :question: We did not model RSS feeds yet, but it looks like it should validate as URL, not text

Mumuration JSON for IN COMMON

It’s online at

  "name": "IN COMMON Collective",
  "url": "",
  "tagline": "Identify, Promote, and Defend the Commons",
  "mission": "To articulate citizen movements around a free, public and common distributed platform to map and act together to promote the commons.",
  "nodeTypes": "community,alliance,network",
  "location": "Brussels / Internet",
  "logo": "",
  "feed": "",
  "tags": "commons,free software,activism",
  "lat": "50.863968",
  "lon": "4.375273",
  "updated": 1593086450