Mozilla Data Futures Lab: 7 data governance approaches explored

The Data Futures Lab will connect and fund people around the world who are building product and service prototypes using collective data governance models. The Lab is not meant as a replacement for any of the brilliant work already happening: whether you’re engineering backends for collectives in Europe; researching policy and advocacy standards for Indigenous data sovereignty practices; organizing laborers in data-driven workforces to form a data trust; or figuring out how to leverage the collective power of your community cooperatively, the Lab is meant to be one magnetic entity toward which that work can gravitate and grow. It’s a nexus of people and projects who share a common vision that an alternative data future is possible, regardless of if they agree on how we get there or what it looks like.

Mozilla Identified 7 approaches to collaborative Data Stewardship, one of them being data commons to which IN COMMON can claim to I think:

Also very precious is their Data Stewardship litterature catalog: