Lets Intermap in april please join

As IN COMMON is back on track well documented and supported we are now able to offer to bring the community together and present the proposition that IN COMMON has for a decentralized database organization for the data of the Commons.

Intermapping: IN COMMON towards a distributed database to map the commons

  • fri may 1st and sat may2nd
  • sat may 8th and sun may 9th
  • sat may 15th and sun may16th
  • those weekends are not convenient for me (please propose a date in the comentaries)

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We would like Intermapping to be spanning for at least 2 full day of work encompassing work session, presentations, and informal moments. Ideally we can extend the work time further than 2 days for those of you who can/wish to work longer, we can organize hosting and workspace.

Starting from early in the morning after a moment for breakfast and maybe a bit of relaxing walking outside activities.
Lunch and dinner will be collectively managed while the menu and supplies have been dealt with in advance by Petites Singularités.
Evening will be reserved for interpersonal conversation and small group gatherings.


As we trust spending time together in concentration is the way to get productive work done, we will look for a place in the country side, we have several ideas, but feel free to challenge or propose something else if you have a better proposition.
We are considering la Bergerie Villarceau.


Please use the button bellow to mark your presence at the date that seems the most convenient, you can check 2 possibilities. Please answer by the end of March so we


Get together to envision the possibility of using a decentralized API and examine the model proposed by IN COMMON.

Cette liste est une proposition : si vous voyez d’autres points à aborder, merci des les indiquer dans les commentaires.

Day 1


Overview of participants and existing projects


Brief presentation of the evolution of the cartography of the Commons, the different events attempts, successes and failure.

Why are we here?

Synthesis of the existing and tentative to draft commonalities and differences,


Duration : {2 hours}

  • How can a decentralize database function : {Détails de la proposition}
  • Activity pub implementation : {Détails de la proposition}
  • Presentation of the Model : {Détails de la proposition}
  • Presentation of the Data Interchange format : {Détails de la proposition}



Afternoon is dedicated to hands on work such as

  • looking at the possibilities of implementing activity pub in existing projects.
  • creating data exchange models to fit the different projects


Day 2

Round of the different projects and the possible relation to IN COMMON

  • Transiscope : {Détails de la proposition}
  • FairSync : {Détails de la proposition}
  • Communecter : {Détails de la proposition}
  • GoGo carto : {Détails de la proposition}
  • Civics es : {Détails de la proposition}
  • PamaPam : {Détails de la proposition}
  • Ej Atlas : {Détails de la proposition}
  • Transformaps : {Détails de la proposition}


Afternoon will again be dedicated to effective hands on work in the different projects



IN COMMON collective team and developers will be present to support the different projects who will be present. If you can allocate other resources to this moment please list them here.
If you need travel support to attend this event please let us know we can envision some support for the project that really need it.