Introduce Yourself Here

Who’s who In Common? Meet other participants and introduce yourself here.

First Time Here? Welcome!

If it’s your first time here, please take the time to introduce yourself to other people, so that the community can appreciate your perspective and help you find places related to your interests. Don’t be shy! You don’t need to expand on your motivations or explain life and the universe: a simple hello will do.

How To Introduce Yourself?

The best way to introduce yourself is to start a topic in this conference. Please only start one topic here so that it’s easier to find about each other: as more people will come, it’s nice to maintain your own blog. You can edit the first post of a topic you created to curate it and link to selected posts in your topic.

This is not a public conference: only members can read your topic, not search engines, not the anonymous lurkers and prying eyes. Feel free to develop your own topic as you see fit, in the respect of all.

If you create more than one topic here, your posts will be moved to your original topic! Please save @staff some work and behave. :slight_smile:

Recommended Reading

Our FAQ and guidelines will make you feel at home in no time. See also the #get-started tag to get up-to-speed with this forum.