Internationalization: where translators meet



I18n gathers translators from English to native speakers’ languages to be supported by IN COMMON software.

This topic serves for general discussion among translators to request new languages, share tools & tips and find things.

The base language for IN COMMON translations is English. Conversation in this topic must stick to English.
Other languages can be used in their respective languages:

How to become a translator?

Please refer to the discussion in your target language, it references the appropriate group to join to coordinate with other translators.

Where are the string to translate?

There are two types of strings:

  • software strings in config/locales/<lang>.yml
  • model strings in the database

Watch this space for links and precisions how to work on those.

How can I translate strings?

Watch this space for upcoming information. We’re looking into ways to make it easy for translators to work on this platform, and use whatever tools they like to use. Transifex might be a solution, or TranslateWiki, to take advantage of existing I18n communities.

As model translations are stored in the database itself, we should provide a custom solution for those, that may be compatible with the chosen solution(s) to facilitate translation work.

Why are you not using Gettext?

Rails i18n can support Gettext, but we’re taking advantage of Rails’ builtin I18n facility and the Mobility gem. Both use YAML files by default. We may switch to Gettext in the future, especially when the translators community becomes more important and requests it.