Intermapping at Activity Pub conf

Amazing its time for the activity pub conf, ONLINE

Intermapping, Bird of a Feather session sunday october 4th 2020

Lets continue the conversation we had during FSMET about decentralised and federated mapping environement and the during a BoF organised Sunday oct 4th at the activity pub conference.

We will continue to explore issues of practical interoperability of maps using activity pub, continuing on conversations that have been raised:
This session is to present and discuss the different existing models and see what are the possibilities for implementing event notification, that would support their coordination. Problematics are diverse, including being true to the different views on information, facilitating the actualization of information by the concerned communities or supporting the detection of redundant information.

@Intermapping If you are around it would be great to have you joining, the events will be streamed on foss host big blue button instance