INCOMMON::API Version 0.5.0



Release v0.5.0


  • Model serialization (#2)
  • I18n Internationalisation (#3)
  • Basic documentation (#6)
  • Authorization (#7)

Start Date


Planned Release Date




Since the planned release date is passed I wanted to make an update on the progress.

Model serialization

This is the big piece and main concern for now, since it conditions next releases.
Progress is resuming and no big issues have been met. Dealing with model associations proves a bit more complex than I initially thought, but it’s mostly a matter of wrapping one’s mind around the models on the one hand, and their public representation on the other hand. We’ll see next week where we are.


The translation files and base language are now integrated in the development process so each new change involving public-facing text takes it into account. The placeholders for translation teams to pick up are ready (see the #api:i18n category and language tags: #en, #fr, #nl). Although formal documentation is lacking, there’s already enough information to get the process started…

Basic documentation

The README was updated about a month ago to help volunteer programmers to get started and updated until yesterday, covering installation, deployment, and contribution.

Remain the API authorization and API consumption parts that have been started during the Mardi en commun 3.

This is unlikely to stop releasing v0.5.0 especially as the documentation will live on its own repository per issue #16.


Authorization deals with the conditions to Read, Create, Update, and Delete entries in the database. The skeleton is present but requires model serialization to be completed. Both focuses depend on each other and progress together. This is a delicate balance between usability, privacy and security of the data sets.

Updated Release Date

I will update the Planned Release Date with more certainty by the end of the week. I expect two more weeks will be necessary to reach completion.