IN COMMON Project for NGI0 subsidy obtained

Continuing the discussion from NGI0 MoU Call:

This document matches the Annexe I of the MoU signed between Réseau Transition and NLnet (for the NGI0 consortium).

The NGI0-Discovery funding is dedicated to development of code susceptible to explore our research questions and steer the Commons mapping community towards a shared understanding of how to cooperate for the best general interest.

1. IN COMMON API anonymous view - create

This implements the create and read aspects of the Commons Mapping API.


  • Model definition (issue #2, v0.5)
  • Anonymous View / Create

Amount: 4000 EURO

2. IN COMMON API authenticated CRUD

This implements the create, read, update and delete aspects of the Commons Mapping API.


  • Authentication
  • Authorization (issue #7, v0.5)
  • Existing resource edition (issue #8, v0.6)

Amount: 6000 EURO

3. IN COMMON API background validation

This implements a validation service running in the background to speed up
response time and allow for complex, non-blocking actions to take place.


  • Asynchronous validation service (issue #9, v0.6)

Amount: 5000 EURO

4. IN COMMON VUE client map viewer

This implements a reference Web client and reusable API client.


  • Reference client map viewer implementation (issue #12, v0.8)
  • Prototype Reusable API client library in JavaScript (v0.8)

Amount: 2000 EURO

5. InterMapping Meeting

Coordination meeting among Commons mapping projects in Europe.


  • InterMapping event and proceedings

Amount: 3000 EURO