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As FSMET has moved the in person encounters in Barcelona to september, this last week of June will be dedicated to online sessions, that will help us to summarize the work done this year towards the planned September meeting.

The year long discussions of the mapping commission have resulted in 2 meetings:

  • The Cooperative federated open technologies for systemic change, that will occur on friday the 26th at 13h30
    – More than ever today there is a strong need of FLOSS (Free-Libre Open Source Software) technologies, cooperative platforms and their implementation to promote transformative economy projects. Collaborative tools run by collectives (possibly in cooperative form or as cooperative platforms) and supported by the different forms of commoning and solidarity economy.

  • The Intermapping that will occur on June 30th at 14h00
    – This activity is a follow up on the Cooperative federated open technologies for systemic change activity we will engage the community in a conversation about interoperability.
    Several successful cartography initiatives have consolidated in the different communities of the commons and many dialogs are starting to reach some interoperability.
    Some preliminary requirements need to be in place such as data format validations, but other are to be discussed such as the pathway towards ActivityPub and SOLID compatibility.
    Discuss what would be the objective of a minimal interoperability, such as redundancy and shared data validation group.

Notes and connection instruction here: Fsmet Intermapping

Please join us at both occasions, and we will report about them here.


Thanks for the Invitation @natacha I will join.
Do you expect some kind of presentation from me or Fredy?

hi @wellemut we will prepare the agenda of the Intermapping meeting scheduled on the 30th on the forum
So if you like it you can provide some content here:

We will fix our work schedule after the Cooperative federated open technologies for systemic change meeting has happened so we’ll have things clearer.

This is a copy of the final shared notes of the meeting. As this is a wiki, you may find the original notes in the history of this post, at the first version.


26 JUNE 2020


Wouter : Concrete applications we are involved in ? User accounts federation, something expected by users of mainstream (see C and E above)

François Soulard : not easy at first to be visible as a platform offering services, we had to have not only technical but political insight. Work with alliance for reforming governance in Africa, managing servers. Summit climate change in Peru, Pan American Social Forum. Difficult there to have discussions around communication difficulties. Many different tools… would be interesting to form a task group inside FSMET. Our work not developer, essentially putting servers online, maintaining, customizing services, at interface between production of new tools and needs of organization. Funds from foundation in France

JN : how to integrate producers with final users

natacha : experience respect existing collective organization with spirit of collaboration, go where activists are

Sybille : try to coop with consumers ? trying to create Swiss international foundation, making us visible among us to not reinvent the wheel because we don’t know each other projects

Wouter : multi-stakeholders coop, femprocommuns is one, it is a challenge to bring together different points of view, meet.coop also wants to be one

FS : better mapping of what everyone is doing ? extend this exchange … mapping of our activities around social economy?

JN : proposal to open a space in https://forum.transformadora.org/ on convergence on transformative economies and FLOSS, publish there summary of this meeting

Possible domains / platforms for collaboration

Cooperative management of:

Political position is critical to access activist networks.

3 levels of possible collaboration:

  • communication : make visible what companies are providing/using, existing FLOSS
  • technical : helping to improve some apps, develop new ones together and other projects
    • see each other to mutualise more
  • economical : cooperate, join each other’s collective initiatives to build up a critical mass and get out of precariousness
    • producers + users coop (under international Swiss foundation)

Join Librehosters: https://libreho.st/

Join Meet.coop: The weekly meeting is on Thursday’s at 15h CEST, please register and account and confirm your presence here: https://forum.meet.coop/t/weekly-progress-meeting-thursday-2-july/155

interoperability meeting Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 14:00 France https://join.transformadora.org/?q=activities/1018&destination=activities/1018

Jason: propose to follow up the conversation in forum.transformadora.org in a space and continue the convergences (https://forum.transformadora.org/assemblies?locale=en – will create a specific space here)