Floss Metrics

Here is a topic that does an update about the current developments of FLOSS metrics tools,

There are a number of projects that I thought could inform IN COMMON

Grimoire labs provides an open source platform for:

  1. Automatic and incremental data gathering from almost any tool ( data source ) related with contributing to Open Source development (source code management, issue tracking systems, forums, etc.)
  2. Automatic gathered data enrichment , merging duplicated identities, adding additional information about contributors affiliation, calculation delays, geographical data, etc.
  3. Data visualization , allowing filtering by time range, project, repository, contributor, etc.
    It accomodates everything from Git to Discourse, or mailing lists websites,IRC WKI rss you name it they do it.

Grimoire labs is a CHAOSS (Comunity Health Analytics Open Source Software) project, a Linux Foundation project focused on creating analytics and metrics to help define community health.