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Diagrams of Power :fist:

Diagrams of Power is an exhibition and publication that showcases critical artworks and projects that use data, diagrams, maps, and visualizations as ways of challenging dominant narratives and supporting the resilience of marginalized communities. Artists and designers featured in this exhibition critique conventionalized and established truths that obscure important histories or perpetuate oppressive regimes. They also contribute to positive social change by engaging communities and providing alternative strategies for storytelling, communication, and organizing.

Diagrams of Power | Onomatopee

Besides having a book-shop, Onomatopee will represent both the Diagrams of Power show, on show throughout the entire exhibition space during Art Brussels, and the reprint of the Atlas of Agendas book by Bureau d’Etudes.

Art fairs | Onomatopee


:spiral_calendar: 09.03. :arrow_right: 05.05.2019 Exhibition

27.04. 14:00 Onomatopee
28.04. 14:00 Poppositions


:globe_with_meridians: Slachthuisstraat 20-26 Rue L’abatoir


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