Commons Booking, CommonsAPI und CommonsHUB

The people from

are progressing in defining and using their Commons API network.

There is now a WordPress plugin at

which consumes the API and is called CommonsHUB.

Learn more about their approach in the presentation at

They are affiliated with theäder/en

and supported by

Thanks loads for this @yala indeed it is super complimentary work I think we already contacted them, but I will look it up and reach out to them again.
What do you think, I feel its a specific approach, but we probably share common listings so we should exchange about this.

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I think it is good here to align around data models, questions of accessibility and agree on maintaining a common charter with shared principles.

From there on we can show how Intermapping works not only on the implementation side, but also how it affects the organisation of data exchange projects.

Yep some part of the data model we may share but I guess they will have a lot of stuff we don’t need such as booking information for the shared tools for example.

I am not sure about this as it can quickly lead to very complicated discussions. The way we aggreed to work is:

  • They can use IN COMMON information with their own charter and we can take from them what fits IN COMMON charter, they can also propose modifications to IN COMMON charter and we will discuss them here.

Yes this is always useful

Certainly this is what I can emphasize when I reach out to them.