About the API Documentation conference


IN COMMON API documentation for developers, designers, and users.

:information_source: For technical support please refer to #api:support.

This conference is used to document the API and IN COMMON applications using it. Topics with the #apidoc tags generate and keeps up-to-date the official API documentation. Additional tags can appear to specify which type of documentation the discussion is about:

Contributing to IN COMMON documentation

Topics in this conference should only document the API itself. It you need help about something else, consider #welcome:needs instead.

You must be a member (@trust_level_2) or a developer to create new topics, but everyone can reply. If you cannot create a topic and need help, you can use the #agora or #welcome:speak-up start a new topic, and it will be moved here by @documentors. You can visit the @documentors page) and request to join the group at any time.

The first post of a topic with the #apidoc tag in this conference is automatically included in the documentation that appears at https://doc.incommon.cc/.


Getting support

Please refer to the #api:support conference for community support.

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