A Brief History of IN COMMON

Many different commons cartography projects emerge in different locations and with different spirits, the issue of interoperability has been addressed several times, and still needs a path for resolution.

In 2017 as Dewey Maps and Transition Network and petites singularités in Belgium devise with other structures on issues of interoperability, we decide to start working on a decentralized application that could permit the management from the commons by the community itself.

Although several transversal projects already exist, that associate commons cartography and organizational tools, we felt decentralization and particularly the implementation of widely shared protocols was still not addressed. IN COMMON proposes to access and/or implement a decentralized API that allows to manage data from the commons by among other things allowing to manage access rights and qualifying different datasets.

In 2019 already, most of the API specification are resolved, we had brought around the project a large group of social economy and commons actors in Belgium, and were focused on regular monthly workshops, started to gather the mapping community for Intermapping sessions, we also collectivelly managed to agregate enoughh funding resources to concentrate on making this happen, and at petite singularités @how takes in charge the development of the project, while @natacha concentrates on bringing the community together @mathieu brings his experience from Dewey maps to continue working hands on and from the ground-up participative workshops, while @adrian and @fodevaux join their network and federation experience to bring forth local agriculture initiative and social solidarity economy.

Theses are the groups supporting IN COMMON and making it happen:


2020 in the development year @how is focusing on Implementation and we are now engaging into DREAM towards activitypub implementation.