OpenStreetMap Inspirations This conference gathers links (and associated discussions) to interesting mapping initiatives around the world that we can find inspiring for IN COMMON. This helps identify and promote the Commons, and figure out our own collective identity… LINDA-GEO GeoNaming Communecter
About the Interoperability conference [Interoperability] (1)
GoGoCarto [Communecter] (11)
OSM Search [OpenStreetMap] (1)
Une nouvelle idée pour faire grandir la transition citoyenne [Inspirations] (1)
Falling Fruit [Inspirations] (2)
MediaManif, suivi temps réel des manifestations gilets jaune [Inspirations] (2)
Territorial Mapping of the Ceibo Alliance [Inspirations] (1)
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team [Inspirations] (1)
Open Historical Map [Inspirations] (1)
How do you handle tags? [Interoperability] (1)
GeoCode API + 3GeoNames [GeoNaming] (1)
GeoNames [GeoNaming] (1)
LINDA-GEO LIttoral Norte Dados Abiertos GEOespeciais [LINDA-GEO] (1)
Importation des données de RCR [Interoperability] (3)
Json api [Interoperability] (1)
GeoJSON [Interoperability] (1)
JSONFeed [Interoperability] (1)
Other APIs [Interoperability] (1)
Réseau sociétal citoyen [Communecter] (3)
Maps for HTML Community Group [Interoperability] (1)
Overpass API [OpenStreetMap] (1)
Social Facility [OpenStreetMap] (1)
OSM TagInfo [OpenStreetMap] (1)